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Friday I couldn't believe what I saw. When driving with my dad and older sister to pick up my mom from work, I looked into the car next to me and see my old friend Sharda. We have tinted windows so she couldn't see me. Been over a year and a half snce i last saw her. She is very pretty and east Indian. Saw her for a split secand...then it hit me who I just saw and looked back at the was her green car that she drove me home a few times with. Last thing I have heard she moved ot Toronto to goto school.

On Saturday I couldn't sleep then decided to get out of bed and give up on sleeping. I got dressed for work and took the 5:50am bus to downtown because I didn't want to wake my dad at 6:30 to get a ride.
I get downtown and I see Salas stepping out of her 'soon to be husband's truck. Its just awful she is in love with a 43 year old. She is only 17 and they started dateing when she was 16. But I sitll went up and greeted him again. I was very happy that Salas came because whenever I do anything with my unit. I am the only privite and everyone else would be corporals to Sargeants so it was great to see her.

The group of us headed to the Armoures to set up for the recruiting day where all the Hamilton units are setting up to display what we have to the public to try to get them to join. My job was to talk about the LSVW. A small cargo truck that i love to drive. I had a great sales pitch. I would get the guy or girl in the front seat of the truck talking about the truck and how fun it is to drive. Saying that we are still soldier's first and we do the same work as those in the infrantry plus drive trucks on top of that so its double the work. I would say to them. "What sounds more cool.. shooting guns or shooting guns and driving trucks" Then I will go back about the truck and they get all happy like if they wanted to drive it right now. Then I tell them to look out the driver window where they see The HLVW. A truck so big i can walk under. (I learn to drive the HL in the summer) So I tell them after a year thats what they get to drive. Wide eyes.

I got to meet alot of my friends who I did my basic trainning with for my first summer, they were all surprise to see me still being in the army because of what happen to my first attempt of SQ. Then my family came down with the 2 little kids my sister babysits. Lilly and Logan. I called my sister to bring them down because I can let them sit in the big trucks. They sure did love that. Will post pictures soon.

Sunday was not a fun day. Maintance day. Once a month we have a day where we can come in and learn or review on the trucks. This all just started. One thing we did was that we had to know how to do a full DI of a truck and know every part of the truck inside out. The LSVW I had no problem with but the MLVW. A very big truck I can drive with 6 wheels. Havn't been inside or seen the inside or even drove the ML since the summer. So it was a great review before my road test.

Everyone else went onto a road move to practice CHILDRENS CLAWS. Something every trucker should know off by heart. But I stayed behind to do 2 road test. One with the milcot and the other was the ML. I pass the Milcot because I have been driving it none stop on every road move. But the ML, had no problem driveing. For a big truck ,very slow on the highway, could only get it to 90km on a 100km highway.

I get back to base and now the hard part. I havn't backed up a truck this big on my own sincemy driver wheel. Whenever we back up we have the co driver as a ground guide to help us back up into the parking spot, but for the road test, you have to ask the instructor, he will say no..then you get out to walk around the truck...get back in, then double honk the horn.. I did all that but my judgment was off. To back up such a truck you can only really look in the side mirrors. Took me like 10 minuets. Was to far right or left. One time even hit the side mirror of the truck next to me... so I had a hard time. Then after the fustrated sargeant gave up on me he told me what to do. He said to me that on Thursday I will have a backing up test. If I fail it, then i fail the whole MLVW test with it. So far I barely passed it. When you get 40 points you fail. I got 35. In the summer I got in the low 20's. All 3 trucks were in the low 20's but its been a long time since I last drove the ML so I did have a little bit of a hard time with a few things but still drove ok. What really hit me what the two wide turns I did that cost 5 points each so there goes 10 points like that.

Today I walk to downtown and i bought the futurama dvd volume 4 box set. When I got home I open it and the 3rd disk was missing. So Had to go back downtown to return it, they didn't have another copy so now they order it for me. ..arg!

I'm just in a bad mood... getting tired of things going on in general around me... arg!
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