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Last Night Memories

Had a hard time sleeping because I kept on thinking of hard and funny times from my summer and from last summer as well. I am starting to forget what mostly happen on my basic. Can't remember to many funny things that happened. Only the hard times I got from my Platoon Warrant, and the hard PT we did in the morning. Still fresh in my mind when I was to tired for PT and we were doing the wheel barrow carry. That’s where your partner goes on his hands while you hold his ankles up and you have to walk with your hands across the huge parade square as fast as you can. I did the part where I held someone’s ankles. Then when it was my turn to walk on my hands. I was going as fast as I can like we were told to. But I was getting to tired and every few feet I would slip. And every time I slip my hands and wrist would get scratched from the hard pavement. My hands and arms were cover with blood. But I kept on going… Up and down. I didn’t stop. I did give our relief of pain on every fall. Got to the point were walking on my hands were painful because of all the cuts.

One thing I don’t ever want to get out of my mind is this red head girl who we were kinda friends. I forget her name right now. She is from 23 Field Medics. We share a base in Hamilton. Are summer was so rough that non of us ever smiled. Well we would now and then but not Julie. She was always depressed. I have seen her smiled only once. That was in Petawawa when I was working in the field supply line and Julie came to help pick up flak jackets. She gave a big warm smile knowing I was ok and there and still in the army. People thought I would be out of the army after failing the 2nd basic training course because I kept on passing out. First time I seen her smile and she was wearing cam paint…lol. But I am happy because I found a bunch a pictures someone took over the summer and was giving them away to people who didn’t bring a camera. I found a pic of Julie on our first day where she actually gave a smile and a cute pose for the camera. That picture is framed and sitting on my desk now.

But this summer. When I re did my SQ was filled with laughs. Mostly funny moments that I never want to forget.

It seem like I was the only one that could smile and found the Soldier Qualify course a breeze compare to the way I was treated last year. But these guys are on these first time being away for the summer and they did their first half of their basic on every 2nd weekend. No time to be broken down or anything. So they were not use to all of this wakeing every morning at 4:55am for PT and the rush of it all. So when everyone was shaking and depressed on that long wait of silent before inspection every morning. I was the only one smiling good morning to everyone. My roommates didn’t like it how I could smile through all this.

I remember this joker McCloud. He is a very big druggy and even though your allowed to smoke weed in Canada now. The army still has a no smoking weed law and can be fine or kicked out of the army if found on you. So he had a hard time sobering up. We spend a few days calling him McClain to see if he would think that his own name is McClain. When a Officer ask him what his name was the one time “ah…ah..ah McClain sir…” We almost broke out laughing.

Same guy… The Sergeant walks into the room and looks at the back of McClouds beret. It was all chewed up.
Sarge: McCloud, what the fuck is wrong with your beret?
Cloud: My dog eat it Sergeant.
Sarge: Your dog eat your beret?
Cloud: Yes Corporal.
Sarge: Did your dog eat your brain too?
Cloud: uh…uh…..what?

The Sergeant just shake his head and looked at me while he turned. His face read that he wanted to get out of this room as fast as possible. My guess he couldn’t keep it in and had to laugh.

Now came my biggest highlight.
For some reason a lot of people hated each other on my course that made me upset because of all the back talks and talking behind people’s back went to far. It got to the point where the girls stop talking to the guys but they would talk to me because they didn’t think I was some big jerk like the other guys. So the one night when we were all working extra hard on our kit for a big inspection from Officers in the morning that if we pass we get our weekend leave. One trick for boots to keep them shiny is to use Hair spray. Only the girls had hair spray and the guys in my room bag me to get the hair spray. When I walk out of the room Salas enter our room to talk to the guys about her kit. I walk into the girls room and put on my Obi charm that I am known for. After my big game of flirting with the gals they had no problem giving me the hairspray. I was so happy with my success because all the other guys before me failed on getting the hair spray.

So as I enter my room I see that everyone is in a small group sitting on the floor with one guy with his back turn against me. I come in shakeing the can of hair spray. Doing the Goose step march that the Russians and Germans did in ww2. Singing at the top of my lungs. “NAH, Nah nana nah!. Na, na na……….” I come in marching and singing and that’s when the guy who had his back turn turn around and it clued in that was a master corporal. “Nah nana nah, na na na……wooooooooh! that’s right… I halt myself and make a big woooh! Sound with my hands and arms flying allover the place. Then standing at attention I say trying not to laugh “My apologies master corporal. He gets up and he is trying hard not to laugh, he ask me if I was on the Electric lutes …then left the room. We all brake out laughing.. We laugh so hard that everyone was rolling on the ground because of what happened. Salas who was sitting on a bed was on the ground now as well. That’s when we here “Shouldn’t you guys be working on your kit” Then we all stoped laughing…

For the rest of the course I can here people singing my song and then going woooh! To each other….lol Think everyone from the summer will never forget that day.

So many more funny things happened. Small things that I can’t remember now that I remember last night.
I just remember the last thing that I said to them when I finnish my course. When I would go to my driver wheel..I would go to our unisex mod tents for my Driver Wheel course where they will stay and go on there trades course staying in the same room with the same instructors. My last day of SQ was on the Monday. The day after the weekend leave. So when they came back Monday that’s when I told them…. “Ok, lets play a little game. You guys have to guess who’s bed I slept in the nip in last night.” then I left……

Many things happen on my driver wheel course but not as good as what happen on my SQ. So many bad things like seeing a machine gun blow up in a girl’s face and she was unharm..and Salas thinking she wasn’t going to live the night. But one thing I can never forget it the last time I seen Hannah. I sneaked back into my old barracks were I just did the SQ.. I went up to see Hannah for my last time. We chatted all night. They just got out from the field and she havn’t slept for like 47 hours so it was best not to ask her if she wanted to go out for a walk to relax or something. So we talked as she clean her weapons and everyone was cleaning for tomorrow. 10pm came by and the instructors were returning and I can get into deep shit for being where I am not suppose to be. So I gave Hannah 2 really long big hugs. Turn out to be two because after we broke away from the first hug, we went straight for the 2nd. I held her tight against me, she was at ease, as if she wanted to fall asleep in my arms. And if she did, I would of held on to her all night if I could…but I was given my filnal warning from someone keeping watch and I ran down the hall towards the fire exit stairs. Last time I saw her.

There were many stories that happen over the summer… that there is to much to write about… like that date with the Swedish girl in a wheelchair…wink wink….. But I must say for the stories that did was a great summer.
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