cdn_soldier (cdn_soldier) wrote,

I am so stupid.

I don't know how I talk myself into this but I tried one of those online CASINO's. Just play $20 USD gives me a extra $20 usd. I played that. I was on the slots that take up 9 credits. I won $107. But no I didn't stop there, I raised the bet and lost the slot and went below par till I reached $0. So I decide to take out another $20 to win it back. I take out the $20 but get no bonus, guess it was a sign in bonus. I play the same game and get to $40. Enough to pay back the $20 I started from and to give back the $20 bonus Dollers. I found out if you withdraw from the CASINO you have ot pay back the bonus, its only there to give you a kick start. SO I was ok fine. I went to Cashier and I kinda click on the wrong spot and instead of withdrawing $40 and getting it send to me, I added a extra $40 to my Casino account, meaning it took out an other $40 USD makeing my account to $80 USD. This made me so mad about what a stupid thing I just did. I found the spot where I can send the money to me. I pay back the $20 bonus dollars and now have $60 usd comming my way in the mail. Why did I let my friend talk me into this. See what happens when he wins only $20. arg! But I converted the amount from what I have lost. I should only lose $8-20 CDN. Hopefully $8 cdn. That website showed me how much it would be if the bank or whoever taxes me for the conversion. So now its going to take a week or 2 for the check to come in, and I think its a 17 day wait thing for my card till they start adding on interest.

But I gave myself a big smack and promise myself not to do anything with my card unless I am buying and selling on e-bay or buying army kit on the Canadianpeacekeeper website. So stand in line to poke me.
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