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Cable 14

Well. Looks like I got a comeback to Cable 14.

On Wednesday I went back to C14 since my last visit back in September. I got so bored with the place...but I missed it. Made so many friends... got to set up so many mobiles...great time to use my leadership skills, plus I got my very fist award for anything from its not so bad. Wednesday was fun though... I show up and this new guy is working there on the payroll. He took the job from this guy name Sean. What he does is that he sets up the lighting in the studio and sets up other things. While I was there I ask him if he wanted help setting up the audio... I won my award for my great audio was hard telling him that I know what I am doing and why I am doing it.... because whenever I did something he told me why I would do it and gave my pointers... Then Tori came in. She is this wonderful cute girl. She was a coop after I was. She told me about how her Grandma was in the Polish army durring ww2 and was sent to a concentration camp. She told me all that but this time she told me about her on the inside the camp. She had blonde hair blue eyes and the SS gaurds were afraid of her. People thought she was a witch because of her hair and the way she looked... so they were afraid to kill her. Her son (Tori's uncle) was a child in that camp and he got sick. When Tori's grandma found out..she started yelling at the SS of why they are not doing anythign about her son... so they treated me that was amazeing. I was so amazed when she was telling me all this. This has to be the first story I have heard where someone stood up to a SS gaurd in a concentration camp and lived. I remember reading this one story in the newspaper where this one lady after getting off the train..and took a real shower (notthe code word for gas) then when they were given the striped dresses, her dress didnot fit so when she went to go tell the ss officer he beat her to death infront of all the people. so I was amazed to here.

After the show and everyone is in the lobby. Tori and I were in Elisabeth's office waiting for her...but for the mean time we decided to have alot of fun. We wrote messages on her callender on dates like..."Goingto a gay pub to pick up guys" things like that. Then we found her christmas santa hat...a old candycanes...some christmas cards and mugs and many more christmas things from the holidays in her cabinet. SO he put them up around the room. We did alot of small things like that then we heard her comming so we ran out of the office. Then Liz enter her office and we all joined her and watching her face as she started noticeing some of our things we have done was priceless.

Before I left I ask if I could do floor director for Tuesday. The live show they do every Tuesday is the best show they have and most watched. So it be fun running the show from the studio.
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