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Here is the list. I was gonna be more detail like have my fav comedy movie, my fav romantic ,my fav foregin that but be to much to go through so I just made it all into top ten. I knew my top 3-5 for all the topics but I had to go over all my films and music again to agree with the voices in my head who I like better. so enjoy.


1. The Bridge (Die Brucke) - A German ww2 film. I just love the story line and the script. Very powerful words the kids say and the plot is amazing to be based on a true story.

2. A Bridge Too Far. - Operation Market Garden has to be my favourite story. With Arnhem being my fav town on earth. A Bridge Too Far does a good job following the History books and Documentaries and Timeline.

3. Life is Beautiful. - I can never get over what a well job they did taking such a dark topic and making it a wonderful romantic comedy.

4. Stalingrad. - The most realistic movie I’ve ever seen that is not a documentary.

5. The Man Who Would Be King. - Very good film. I love the way how much you see Sean Connery get corrupted with power.

6. Der Tunnel - Has my top two fav actresses in this film working together. Such a strong film.. I can't believe it was a tv movie, so well done with a twisted plot.

7. All Quiet on the Western Front. - There were two versions of the film. American 1930 version. and the 1970's British Version. I like the 1970's one better because it sticks with the setting that Remarque wanted for his book. The whole anti war, war is bad. Great story because not like The American war movies, this main character is not some big shot hero. (one reason why I don't like American war films because they always make the Americans seem like they are heroes blowing tanks and killing dozens on one clip. American war films never show the true glory and the hard times.)

8. The Power of One. - Another strong film with great story line. Small British boy living in South Africa grows up becoming a great boxer and fighting for the right for the African people to be educated and have freedom in their own country.

9. Das Boot. - Wolfgang Peterson, one of my fav directors.. he directed Troy and many others.

10. Bandits. - My first Foreign film I fell in love with. Think its this movie that open me up to Euro films that I now own so many.

T.V. Shows.

1. Ocean Girl. - I grew up loving this show. Its from Australia. The storyline are zainy, but I can't help it, I just love the characters and dry humour.

2. Father Ted. - Very funny Irish show. A broken house filled with 3 Catholic priest and their house keeper. Father Ted gambles to much. Doogle is a big dummy doing silly things and saying the funniest things ever. Father Jack who just sits there saying nothing but "Drink, Feck ,Arse ,Girls" I love this show

3. COMBAT! A show from the 60's. Its the only War setting tv show I like. It is a American show but its great. I hate all the other American war shows... Band of Brothers was a band of crap. I love saying

4. Mr. Bean. - He is so freaken funny. So many times I would use his type of humour in my daily life. I learn from the best.

5. 3 Stooges. - Yes I'm a stooge fan.

6. Fawlty Towers. - John Cleese who runs a over rated hotel. its a classic.

7. Simpsons. - The best Family ever

8. Coupling. - Best British show I’ve ever seen. awesome script and everything. I watch our DVDs all the time, and every time I piss myself laughing.

9. Ready or Not. - Canadian show I grew up with. Best Drama show I’ve ever seen. Deals with everyday problems that twp best friends can have with realistic outcomes. And like many best friends..over the years you see them drift off slowly.

10. Futurama. - From the creator of the Simpsons, I love this show, wish it wasn't cancelled.

Music Groups / Singers.

1. Cranberries. - First band I ever loved and still do.

2. Great Big Sea. - Only Canadian music group I like. I don't like any American music group..all one hit wonders.

3. Elisa - Italian singer with amazing voice.

4. Tatu - I still love them..

5. Emile Simon. - French singer from Paris. Did I ever show you her Flowers song?

6. Jenifer. - French singer with really wonderful songs. I may not understand them but I can 'feel them' lol

7. Rammstein. - Its funny that I like them because they don't fit in well with my fav But I love their songs.

8. 883/Max Pezzali. - Italian As you may notice, not to many male singers I like. there are a few but female singing voices are a lot better. But I love his songs. If you wanna hear a really good Italian song, let me know, there is this one song I love so much. At the end there is this girl singer named Syria with a very Beautiful voice, She is one of my fav Italian singers so I was happy to have them both singing together.

9. Melissa Mars. - Again she is a French Singer. I have many more French singers I love. I love Mars for her singing. La lala la.

10. St. Etienne. - British. 10th place was hard to choose. But I love St. Etienne for her songs. Not normal songs like everyone else. She sings that Marble lions song I gave you. "Stars are calling, goodnight Darling"


1. All Quiet on the Western Front. - Again like the movie, I love how realistic it is and shows the bad side of war and not every soldier are heroes. I found out Hitler when he was in power was upset about this book sent out for Erich Maria Remarque to be shot for writing this book and his few others back in the late 20's early 30's. He escaped so they shot his sister instead... all because it didn't show German soldiers being heroes.

2. The Da Vinci code. - When you read it you see why. Yes it has its cheesy side, but its a great pace.

3. The Unknown Soldier. - Very well written book. I learn a lot about Finland during ww2 and what they did and what Finland was under. I didn't know that the Germans Supply the Fins with gear if they let them pass through thier land to open a new front in the Russian campaign. Finland was lucky that Germany made a deal with Finland because Germany is known for just barging in taking what they want...

4. Lord of the Rings collection. - Come on, its LOTR... do I need to explain?

5. Crabbe. - Canadian book. Rich boy runs away to the woods. He then learns the hard way that he doesn't know how to survive in the woods. He runs into this girl who is a run away as well. But she has something to hide that you learn very slowly and its shocking when you find out why she ran away.

6. Death of a Salesman. - I love this book how it shows what could happen if you try following the American dream. Didn't work to well for Willie Lowman.

7. Digital Fortress. - Dan Browns first book. Just like Da Vinci code, It took me only 4 days to read because It kept me to the edge of my seat. Dan Brown is good for that.

8. Angels and Demons. - Dan Brown. Its Robert Langons first adventure. takes place a year before Da Vinci code with a very powerful bomb under the Vatican city. When you Read Da Vinci code, they make a few reference to A&D.

9. Flowers for Algernon. - Reminds me of that movie At First sight. Where they let someone see the world in a normal way for a short time. He goes from being slow..after a operation..he becomes one of the smartest men and now people hate him for being so smart.. then he slowly goes back to being dumb like before.

10. Deception Point. - Dan Brown as well. Dan Brown my fav author. He is good on facts and putting me on the edge of my chair.


1. Sean Connery - Come on...He's BOND, JAMES BOND.

2. Michael Caine - Love his films. He works great with Sean Connery, like in A Bridge too far or The man who would be king.. great pair.

3. Liam Neeson. - I love how much he changes in every film. I can admit when he does his speech on how he could of saved more Jewish people when they gave him the gold ring in Schindler's List,

does make my eyes water ..a bit... he is such a good actor

4. Sean Bean. - Boramir from Fellowship of the ring. He is in so many good movies like the Sharp or Bravo two zero.

5. John Cleese. Just too funny.


1. Nicolette Krebitz - She plays Engel in Bandits. She is in so many movies. I think I have at least 4 or 5 with her in them.

2. Alexandra Maria Lara. - A Actress from Poland who is in many German films as well. She is so Beautiful.

3. Natalie Portman. - So many good movies...and she makes a wonderful queen of

4. Audrey Tautou. - She is just so cute in all of her movies I’ve seen. She is the type of girl I would love to Marry some day

5. Lauren Hewett. - Australian actress. She plays Mera from Ocean girl. Very very beautiful girl.


1. Da Vinci. - I love his work and the history behind him. Its funny how people thought he was gay because of what romours started from the people who didn't like him...he wasn't many proof. He was just a very good artest and came up with ideas about man and woman and prooving they are is related to the true grail. Because of Da Vinci...I follow in some of his beliefs. One of the reasons why you wont find me disrespecting women. Have have many reasons why I love girls and show my respect for..some related of what I learn from Da Vinci and some I have learn on my own. His art work is amazeing as well. I have many books on his art work as well.. If it wasn't for my love of the work of Da Vinci then I wouldn't of come across the Da Vinci code the one day on the net..When I first bought it I thought it was a book on fax... surprise surprise...

Well hope you learned a lot of what I like. There are a lot more things I like..,like many foreign films I have and singers. if there is anything else you like to know about me..don't be afraid to ask. That’s why I wrote beside everything so that you would already know about them so you wouldn't need to ask about
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