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Ok, I am on my last few days till I go away for the longest summer of my life. 71 days or so. SO I am at the need where I wantto call my close friends on the phone. I don't know why but I am. At 3am I am calling Finland so...

Anyways. I called Hannah Bartman's house at 8pm and Hannah's sister picks up the phone and she tells me that Hannah will be back in a half hour. So I call back in a hour. Her mom picks up the phone. I thought it was her older sister again. She tells me she just left for her friend's house. So she asked if I can leave a message to give her. You know how I try to be funny. Well. As a joke I told her to tell Hannah that the sugar bag is empty. Yes, the sugar bag is empty. There was a long pause then she said "ok"

Now its 11pm at night and Hannah messages me on msn. She told me that her mom is fraking on her thinking she is doing drugs because some deep dark voice guy called saying the bag of sugar is empty... like if I was talking about drugs. I had no clue that her mom thinks that she is a druggie or somthing so that joke didnot go well. So Hannah was telling me how funny it was and she told me that her mother wants to speak with me and my parents. I was like OMG. First I thought she was joking with me because of my joke. But no... she told me the best thingfor me to do is to call her now before it gets to late. So I try calling. OMG this was a awful call. But to tell you the truth I thought i was gonna get yelled at by her mother. This is what sort of happend.

" Hello Mrs. Bartman. I do believe I owe you a apologise and I owe you a explanation about my bad joke. You see, I just came back from Disney world. I was the one who sent her the postcard if you have seen it. But Hannah loves my joke about how I forgot to eat a pound of sugar before entering the gates of Disney world. So as a joke to say I was in a happy mood I say that the bag of sugar is empty as my little inside joke.

Her mother says to me that Hannah had no clue what that bag of sugar thing was about. I was like..that’s right. That was weird because I just said that the sugar is her fav joke. So I kept on saying how sorry I was for the whole miss understanding. I was very slow in talking and the pauses were very very long. I bet she thought I was a druggie or something because of how slow I was talking. All I could really do was say how sorry I was and how I am known for really bad jokes so yeah, this didn’t go as well as I thought it would be.
But Hannah’s mom was a little upset. She wasn’t yelling. She was a little happy because she had a reason for yelling. Her and her mom don’t get along to well so her mom needs any excuse to yell at her. So after a good 8 minutes of what could have been sum up in 30 was to awkward. Then we finished and hanged up.

I went back on msn to talk to Hannah and her friend Beth. Beth is the one who I sent that funny postcard that I showed you in your van. But Hannah thanks me for calling. I ask her befoe I called if she was mad at me..and she said no because this was just all too funny. Then her mom was now there to pick her up and its time for her and her mom to talk on the ride home. Now I am worried because when I called first and left my awful message about empty bags of sugar. Her mom called Hannah at her friend’s house and yelled on the phone.. So now they are person to person. I gotta call tomorrow afternoon to see how everything went.

You know that feeling when you do something small that its not till later you realize you have done something stupid.. You know that crappy feeling. I got that now. Its like shoplifting and making it out of the store clear. Then a day later the police show up with a video of a security camera catching you shoplift. That never happen to me before but just a example how it feels.
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