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Sanna and I are having our 6th anniversery somtime this month. We cannot remember the day only that it was mid June when we met in '99. She was turning 16 and I was turning 15 in November. Wow its amazing how we both will look back and notice how we have change. Body..mind..soul. In the past 6 years we only get to talk like once in every three to five months. The rest is all e-mail. First time ever talking was with mic's. we talked for 6 hours. All the way through we had no clue what to talk about untill the end when we were tired. Took us like 2 hours to say goodbye because then we would bring somthing up. It was hard to talk on msn because the delay, the audio was crummy and there was a drumming sound in the speakers makeing it hard to hear eachother.

So after so many years I was like, hey, why don't I call her. I hardly see her andm iss her so much on every gap. So as soon as I sent the e-mail out for her phone..same day I get the reply with her phone number. I call her cell phone with a 10 minute card. To Finland on a home phone is 9 cents a minute. She gave me her cell phone number to call because it was getting late. Like 50 cents a minute. We had only 20 minutes to talk. Felt like we talked for hours talking about everything to everyone. My plans, her plans, our plans, it was great. This was the first time ever that I could talk on the phone without a pause or wondering what to say next.

Its funny when I first tried calling I put in the number she gave me. This women picks up the phone. I thought I woke her. I asked with Sanna was there...she said who? I said again. Is Sanna there...Sanna Juutienen. How ever its spelt or said... then she says who is Dana? Then I said I must of got the wrong number. SO now I am tryingto call and dial differnt dials thinking she gave me the wrong number. Then Sanna pops in onto msn, I was thinking what a great time that was out of how long its been. Turns out she was the one who I first called. Thats when I knew not to call anyone with a big wad of gum in my mouth.

So I try calling her home phone today with a fresh $20 card. Her mum picks up and she doesn't speak a word of English. I try asking if Sanna is there and she had no clue what I was saying and hanged up. OH well I'll try calling again monday when I get back home. But it is so good to hear Sanna's voice. After the 20 minutes was up we were back on msn talking saying how good it was to talk to each other because now the phone was so clear because we were not using msn... so we really got to hear eachother's voices plus now that we are both adults and not 16 or 17 like back then when we mostly did talk with mics and now that its been 2 years or more since we used mics it was great to hear eachother for the very first time.
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