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The Hug Patrol : Doing everything we can to score a free hug since 1897

I am so happy. I just talked to a good friend of mine who I talked to since the summer. I thought she would forget me by now. Durring my Driver Wheel course I made good friends with this girl called Pip. Thats her nickname. Her real name is Devan. If you are wondering who she is here is a picture...

I remember that day well in the picture. We spent the time listening to the Elisa cd Then comes the sun. The one Francesca gave to me. I brought my little dollar store speakers and cd walkman to the beach. She fell in love with Elisa and asked me almost everynight to borrow my cd walkman so she could listen to Elisa. She doesn't know why she loves her so much because she is a hard rock fan.

So sometime near the end of the summer she said she was going to download her songs when she got home. But I had a feeling she would spell her name as so many of the workers at the cd shops...bloody hell. So I said I will burn her a cd. Then the summer was over. We went home. She lives up north in North Bay. Good 8 hour drive or so. Ive been there once over a year ago on a unit road move weekend. I didn't start with burning her the cd because I knew she was going to go live in Africa for a few months helping rebuild houses and schools. This was not army related so it would be hard to reach her.

Then April comes around and I was talking to Dale on msn. He was in our Mod tent as well for drive wheel and he too is friends with pip. He told me at the mid of April she came back home. Thats when it hit me that I was suppose to make the cd for her. I wassn't sure if I should fo sent one or not but then I got a kick ass idea. I was going to burn her the cd with the words written on the cd. For pip. I was going to mail it to Dale then Dale was going to put it in her mailbox at their unit. But turns out they didn't give them their own mailboxes liek i have at my unit. I wasn't goingto send a letter, just the cd to see if she remember then Dale will tell her like right after who it was from... just for that cool moment. But it didn't get to work that way. Why do non of my cool plans never get worked out...arg! I still mailed the cd to Dale but with the words Elsa mix cd written on the cd and with a written letter.

Today I sign into my msn and i get the message that this person added me to their msn list. Up to now I forgot her first name and the msn name she used was Dev. So I ask who she is, she gave a little lol (as too a little smile ) She says its Devan. and she told me to check my e-mail. It all kicked was funny. Then I read her e-mail, really did shocked me. She first told me that the cd was the nicest thing anyone has ever done because after a good long silence I still remembered and kept my word. Eventhough it was one of those things where its like..oh I'll make you a copy some day..where you know they wont... and I still did. She says it made her month...that gave me a really big smile because I try hard to make people's day.. and I do a whole months

She told me all about Africa. She lived on the Ivry coast. In one of the French Regions. She had some trouble because she doesn't speak a word of french. She told me that at her house that her backyard was the cliffs. and when she would go outside to the cliffs the Ocean spray would hit her in the face. She would climb down these cliffs. To her front yard a short walk to a foot of a mountain that she would climb almost three times a week. When she first came she was at a hospital where she saw somone give birth for the first time. Its really amazing what she did. She told me that on the day she came back to Canada, it felt so much like a dream. Would of loved to be in that dream.

In my letter I gave her my e-mail. I am happy she remember me. I am still mad at Mannel, Todt, cook and some of the other guys. They all thought she was very blah ugly. But I found her very pretty and cute. I remember the one day I was sitting on her cot and she was showing me pictures of prom.. There was this picture she had a extra of. with her and her friends. Very pretty friends as well. All dressed up and and they were al on the ground having fun. I kinda in a way ask her if I could have the extra copy...because I liked it so much.. she gave it to me... well in a way she kinda offered it to me as well... its hard to explain how it really happen. But I but my picture between a cd case and my cd walkman because she was giving it back to me because she was cleaning out her barracks box, well now comes Mannel and cook and a few others. They find the picture that they thought I was hiding and ask me out loud why I was hiding her picture. I told them she gave me that photo because I am her friend. I looked over to her..we are friends right? She nods...then I look back at the guys saying.. yeah because we are friends... was a very funny moment for all of us.. But I still have that photo. I liked her so much...and again like many girls I liked, she was allready taken, her boyfriend was in Petawawa though. I cursed at myself for having to be so loyal. I see many guys still going after girls trying to get them into bed..even if they are taken.. and with her boyfriend 358km away..most guys would have thier way with the girl..but I am not like that. So eventhough we did spend a few days alone... to the beach or town or back at base...I kept my distence. Very hard to do, plus by now I was so much in love with Hannah (bartman) but out of the few people I told I told in my tent about Bartman, I never told Devan about her. I don't know why.

Only two people in my driver wheel course knew about how much I loved Bartman. Dale and the one girl who right now cannot remember her name. Dale found out when he was asking why I was putting wild flowers together.But for my friend who was a Master Corporal medic..Martins..that was it. I told her about Bartman. I ask her for so much advice.. She knew about my sneaking letters. One day in the mess when we were sitting next to each other she ask me to point out witch one was Bartman when she was walking into the mess hall. When I had to point her was she looking ever so beautiful, she had her tired look because she was working hard...but just her look really... Martins knew witch one I was looking at because she told me to put my jaw back in my mouth. Martins had to leave the Driver wheel course a week before it ended for school. So I never got to tell her about the big hug thing. To bad for Martins, she didn't get to see how it ended because she called my conflict with Hannah a very long mushy play on stage.

Wow, I started off talking about my friend Devan and I am talking about Bartman. lol
but yeah, this is my story.
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