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Wow za hers

Why do good things have to happen to me but have a flaw.

I am now becomming very good friends with a girl name Battah at my unit. Very pretty and funny and she has seen some of my charm, I keep my charm to a min for her because she already has a boyfriend and she is kinda 26 or 27. But tomorrow we are going to a football match. She doesn't live to far from me so she is going to pick me up. The football team is from England. We got to meet them tonight in the mess because they are staying at our base. Its so funny because when they were trying to talk to the bartender... she had no clue what they were talking about then I would whisper to her what they are saying. Its sad i know most of my slang... its true, I do watch to much Brittish/ Aussie tv and movies.

It sucks when almost every girl I fall mad for are allways already taken or live across the ocean or just to far away. I do have local girls here that I like but I cannot see going far. I really don't want to get into a bluff relationship where I know it wont last to long because my feelings are else where. Ive seen or is a good example to base this on. Trueman show with Jim Carry. His heart was set with that one girl he met in the libary. I know that she was taken away, but he didn't know why but forced himself to love that one girl..they got married and they are still strangers after so many years. I really don't want to end up being married to somone that there is no magic, eventhough my magic is used on But I know its going to be hard and long to find the girl I truely am mad for who can be mad for me back. So I may have to be in a blunt..I guess it wont be too bad. But a day doesn't go by when I think about Salas or Hannah (Bartman) or Sanna. The sanna and I still have a chance.. Ive told her I would move to Finland and join the Finnish army to be with her... and I would too. I already worked on my speech on what I would say to the new recruits who are forced to join the army at 18...and its a really good speech, just need to translate it into Finnish. lol.

For Battah I have known her since September or October but not more then a hello. Last weekend we did a tasking together with the Royal Hamilton Light Infrantry as Drivers. We drove MLVWs around Meaford base for them. So we spend the whole weekend and we got to see each other's good side and yes my charm was charm is allways being used. Girls in the army call it the Obi charm. lol, yeah I know I am full of myself...just too funny.

But I guess even if she wasn't taken not to much can happen. SHe is like 6 years older then me. But I get crushes on almost everyone..nomatter the shape or size. I remember this one girl Martins who slept across from me in my mod tent in Driver Wheel. she was like 29. Very pretty. We became good friends. I told her about Bartman and all the sneaking around. She may be a master Corporal but I still told She also gave me some advice as well that I have learn alot about. She was great, helped me alot. But Battah does not look a day older then 22.

But the summer is comming and who knows what girl I can use my Obi charm on???

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