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Well.. Hannah Bartman... the girl from my summer SQ I told you about many of times. She broke up with her boyfriend. They broke up because well this is how it went.

Her b/f was over at her house and she said "lets go out for lunch" so what did he say? "ok, but first go change into somthing better" That got her very mad and upset because he had no right to tell her what she can and cannot wear. The clothes thing was no problem but trying to control her got her mad. That got me mad too because that is kinda disrespectful telling people what to wear because thats how they want you to be seen with them.

All she was wearing was shorts and a white t-shirt. Summer wear. Its been bloody warm. So I try hard to cheer her up useing some of my best known Obi charm. It got her smileing. A job well done. I also told her stories about other friends of mine..where they brake up because they would make fun of eachother music or fav movie. Somthing small... can start a small fight. Both sides want to win the fight so they will now say worse or bigger or do somthing stupid and the small fight becomes bigger and bigger.

To me I think its god they broke up. She has been hurt by him many times in the past 6 months they been with eachother.

So I hope everything works out for the best for her...and I really wish we were not so far away...arg!
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