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Ok, this post is going to count as 2 post altogether. I will start from today and work my way to the past.

My sister Marina bought one of those exercise balls. Those really big balls used for exercise… I don’t know how else I could explain them. So My sister talked me into pumping it up for her with this small foot pump it came with. For over a hour it took me to pump because the pump was so small and a few times the valve would pop out.

So after an hour of pumping we finished it. Marina for fun decided to chase snowball with the ball. Snowball ran away. Then Marina felt bad, lift him up and tried to make him stand on the ball. As soon as Marina put him on the ball. The ball explodes because Snowballs back claws dig in deep into the ball tearing the ball. Man did we laugh so hard because it took us over a hour pump and with her stupidity, we lost the ball after a few seconds after it was complete.

Saturday night was a great night. I woke up at 6am to take my shower Its our units 40th anniversary so we had this big display down at the unit. We had weapon and truck display. We had photos everywhere and even a command post set up. Was going to be a big day with a lot of people and news reporters. But at 6am with only 1’30 min sleep in me, I was to tired. So after I was done in the washroom..I didn’t hop into the shower but I hoped into bed. I wake up and the family already left for Niagara falls NY for shopping.

Now the evening has come and its time for a big formal dinner at the Free Mason Scottish Rite building. So many officers and Sergeants at my unit are Masons so its no surprise the dinner was going to be there. I paid $25 for my ticket. I get to the building and I see a group of the master corporals and sergeants out front in there Dress uniforms.. That’s when they all turn to look at me. I look at all of them. That’s when I realized it was a black bowtie event. So after the long pause with no one talking, just looking at each other. I turn around and pretend to walk away.

I go inside where I meet Lynn’s boyfriend for the first time. Lynn is a very cute Asian girl. I always melt for Asians. So whenever I see her she says I got such a dazed look. We sit at our table. Most of the young guys (including me) sat at the end round table. We all knew each other but except for these two older people. A husband and a wife who sat at the one end next to me. They were once part of the unit till they retired. They were only in their 40s. So we chat about the unit and other things.. And chat with the rest of the group.. It was nothing but jokes. I never really laugh so hard when I am with this small group. This is also very funny. The couple who retired. They ask me if I was British because of the way I talked. I laughed so hard. I told them how I watch to much British tele because I am not a big fan of American shows. Bloody hell, I said tele… that was not forced… but anyways., they thought I was only joking until Wojick was telling them that its true that I do watch to much British shows. Its funny because I don’t have a British accent and I don’t remember using any British slang and I don’t think I used my bloody hell that day.

It was a fun night, I was really happy that Walkerton (can’t spell her name) didn’t show up. She is that girl nobody likes and who is the only girl that gets me mad and she has a crush on me so she follows me around. I couldn’t imagine how this night would have been if she was there. People still bring up the Christmas dinner and what she did to me…arg! But it was all fun. They gave a us a really nice green pen and a matching key chain. They are very nice set. At the end of the night was a dance but all the girls there were girls who were invited. So they were already taken. I was going to ask the one girl who worked at our table who served our food…was going to ask her to dance or just talk but she was too busy cleaning up. Lynn left right after the dinner and gave everyone hugs. I was the last to hug her.. Everyone gave her a light hug. When she came to me, she only said “bye obi” and waved in front of my face… I say bye..she just stands there waiting for me to hug… so she finally opens her arms…that’s when I drop down as low as I can and give her this really big tight spine cracking hug. Then I stood back up and I said. “ok bye” then she walked away all cricked like. It was great.
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