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A month ago, my old section commander at my unit. Sgt. Gardner ask for people from people to help move this family out of their apartment into a townhouse. They needed all the help they can get because the father has brain cancer with only 2 months left to live and they just had there 2nd child. The 1st child is no more the 10 or so. So I said I would love to help. So on Thursday. I did not sleep a wink, I went to help move without a hour’s sleep in me. When I first met the family ,I was broken inside, The sgt. Was right, they don’t have much and what they do have is not the greatest. Also seeing the father was hard because he was strong enough to walk around and do things but I couldn’t think of being where he is right now. Can only sit around waiting for death. Waiting for the switch to turn off.

Working for the day was a blast though.. The one guy there who was good friends with the sgt. All he did was say and do funny things. And there was also the Sgt other friend. He is a black man and he joke around with that so much when moving. He made the jokes I am saying. Like its hard to explain. Like jokes where he is carrying the tv down the stairs and just making jokes about that because of stereotypes.

We load the truck up. We realize its going to be two loads. Its also raining now. The morning was clear and beautiful. We get to the townhouse and that’s when we find out that they wont give us the key to the townhouse because the lease starts tomorrow. So this sucks because They had to move out today and they couldn’t move in till tomorrow. Boy the sgt was mad. He gave them hell but in a nice way. We did get the keys to the garage though, but there isn’t a door that leads from the garage to the inside of the house. So we had to load everything into the garage. Again more big jokes are being said while working that was way to funny. That’s why I thought this post was going to be funny but not really as I thought it, sorry Francesca.

After all the moving the sgt. Treated us for lunch at Wendys. The really funny guy picked up the atm machine where it looks like a calculator. He picked that up and saying with a Russian accent. “HELLO, hello, miss, your phone isn’t working…hello. He said this out loud and I can see the worker trying not to laugh.. But there was people all around it was great. Then we all went to sit down… The sgt was still busy getting his ketup and straws. The 5 of us sat in a small booth and the one guy in a chair at the edge. The sgt came and we all looked down ignoring him…it was great. But then the one girl went to go sit with her.

So the 4 of us at the booth are talking. And the funny guy now puts on a East Indian accent. I forget how it started but he goes all want to pray..fine.. He points to the mat on the ground by the door to wipe your feet, he goes ok lets pray out loud in his accent… Buddy basically stood up and grabbed him and sat him down. If he didn’t stop him ,I know for sure he would started praying in the middle of Wendys.

Now its night time and my unit night. I show up…we did our half day work for our half day pay. At the end of the night I was mad because Polango, I told you stories of this creep. He left at the end of December out west to Alberta. He came back today for a surprise visit. Thought I never see him again. I mean that in a good way. We were all sitting and talking. Polango was beside me but talking to others and I was talking with my group of friends. Polango then turns to me and says “Why havn’t you said hello to me yet? I look at him… then I turn back to my group and say “SO ANY WAYS..” man that got the room laughing and Polango with a bitter face. But I turn around to shake his hand. I can’t remember what he ask me but he was asking if I have been doing my best at the unit..I say no! he says if I am doing this or that..I would say no (as a joke because ive been doing a lot for the unit) I was just playing around with him till he gave up on me… Then now the section commander came in the room to say a few things..same thing for a few officers and such. We are doing a big unit ex next weekend. So far out of the whole unit I am the only one going…bloody hell ,its going to be fun… But seems like everyone is working that weekend. So far no word about it being cancled. But it seems like for any tasking or any ex… I am the onlyone in the room with my hand up for going for anything.

Then went home and went to sleep… and I pray to Ghisno that I don’t have to see Polango for another good year or so… I better go reg force by then…
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