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Woohoo, the office remake is a big flop. Just like Coupling..The American version sucks. Why the hell did they waist the time to use the same script but replacing them with American actors...who can't act. The casting was awful. No way in hell anyone can fall in love with these stupid bad acting people. They had to change so many jokes because of the American cencers. Like in the British version Tim (who is call Jim in the American version) He would phone Gareth. Gareth would pick up the phone and Tim would yell "cock" then hang up. They didn't have these type of funny jokes in the American version. Again the Americans fail with remakes..and I am happy because they better learn from their mistakes... that if its British, its better. So NBC, STAY THE FLIP AWAY FROM FATHER TED YOU GOBSHITES.

Francesca, if you watched the pilot of The office American version... don't be alarmed... the BBC version is nothing like what you saw if you watched it. The casting is good, the acting is good..the jokes are funny, the acting is great, and the show had a more real feeling then a sitcom feeling like the American version. I cannot see The American version lasting much longer... Sure they may have filmed a few eps already. I think The American version of coupling already had the first 12 eps taped. Only the first 3 eps aired... that flopped big time.

But yeah! goodbye office... don't come back until you turn British.
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