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The Exercise in Battle Creek Michigan

Wow where to start. I waited a long time for this ex and one of the reasons why I wanted to go advance party. I got down to my base at 5:30am. When the 4 of us all were down there we left the base around 6am. I gotta drive all the way to Windsor where we met up with the other SVC BN of the brigade. From there we all drove to Battle Creek Mi.

After only doing about 30 min of work we were done for the day. Since we all got our travel claims in advance so we could buy our meals, we eat out at very expensive places. On our advance party Was a warrant, a master corporal and a corporal, oh and myself. We eat at a very expensive Italian restaurant and the MCPL and I played KENO at the bar. I lost on every card.

After that we drove to almost every gas station so that we can find magazines to read. When we got fed up we ask this one young girl at the counter where we can buy magazines. She looked at us funny. 4 guys asking for magazines can only get one thing one people’s minds. We had to explain to her we were looking for normal mags. She told us about the 24H Myiers (Forget what its called) It was across town. I cant believe how hard it is to find a magazine in the town. We get to the store and it bloody amazed me how big it is, and that its 24h. We ran all over the store. I picked up $10 computer speakers for my personal dvd player I brought along and I bought game cube games and a few other things.

We woke up Friday, cleaned the washroom in the barracks. That was it for work, then we were off for the rest of the night. (earned my full day pay) The American barracks are so ichy. Id rather sleep in the mud when its pissing rain (again) then spend another night in a American barracks….eww. So again with the going out and shopping and eating pricey foods.

The main party show up at like 2:30am. They were forced into bed because everyone has to get up by 6am to start the day.

Saturday was a wicked day. It rained non stop. Non of us complain because it was great for the setting. Name a war movie that doesn’t have their big battle scenes in the rain. Sat morning my group’s first mission is to recon and take over a 3 story house by force. I was made T-Flash guy. T - Flashes are used for clearing rooms. They look like a stick of dynamite. I got to carry like 10 on my body while everyone else had only 1-2each. When heading to the house we were spotted and the enemy open fired. Buddy threw a purple smoke gernade. That’s when my team of three dashed for the front door under the smoke screne. The ice under our feet running so fast made the 3 of us fall on our arses, boy did that hurt. The 3 of us get to the side of the house. We have no clue where team one is right now… the 6 of us were cut into 2 for takeing over the house. But I covered the side of the house. We threw the one guy in our group into the basement with a 6 feet fall head first… he cleared that for us then he came out, then we enter the window for the main level. Open up to a living room type of room. We open the door to the hallway// the backdoor was open with a enemy outside shooting at us… so I used the cover of the wall… and without seeing where the enemy guy was.. I lit a T-Flash and threw it towards him..the Kaboom. The shooting stopped. We now find out that team one is on the top floor and the basement still not clear and the rest of the main level. SO I stay behind watching over the backdoor exit and the stairs to the basement. I was alone… kinda scary, then I see a head pop out of the downstairs hallway… Out comes my T-Flash… One after the other I kept 4 guys stucked downstairs. WE WON THE DAY..WOOHOO.

We broke for lunch. Then the rest of the day was live fire ranges. We got to fire on the C9 Light machine gun. 200 rounds. Last time I fired the C9 was in the summer with only 100 rounds.

Then we did the C7 riffle range with 8 megs of ammo each. First time ever I got to do automatic fire with live rounds. Each burst shook me…So much fun. Out of 180 from our unit that said was coming. Enough ammo for 200 troops were ordered. Only 93 of us showed up.. So we got to do a double load of ammo and we didn’t want to save anything because its hard to cross the border with ammo. They had a hard time the first time…so much fun.
We end the day cleaning our riffles. Between the bunks in the small open space.. 7 of us sat around my dvd player watching The gods must be crazy and cleaning our riffles. Then we spent the night talking till we went to sleep. The morning we packed up and went home. A lot of fun that much more happen then I can say really.
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